Planning a vacation?  Why not come to West Yellowstone, Montana?

West Yellowstone offers unique vacation opportunities not available anywhere else.

During the winter monthsm West Yellowstone is blessed with having some of the best snow north of Colorado.  Many feet of snow fall late in October and stay until early May.  Temperatures range from around 30 degrees above zero to around 50 degrees below zero.  Many frosty mornings West Yellowstone is the coldest place in the United States.

The World Snowmobile Expo is a yearly occurrence in West Yellowstone, featuring racing events along with an exhibition wrapped around just plain old fun.  Also, the Rendezvous ski race is held on the Rendezvous ski trails of West Yellowstone.  This race draws competitors from all over the country to ski the fine snow. 

West Yellowstone is commonly deemed "The Snowmobile Capital of the World."  With hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails outside of Yellowstone National Park visiting uniquely named areas such as Two Top, Lionshead and Black Bear Canyon, you will surely be inspired by the winter beauty.  Experienced snowmobilers will be challenged by the terrain, and novices will enjoy a helping hand from the friendly people.

Yellowstone National Park transforms during the winter months to a land of steaming hot springs and snow capped mountain peaks.  Buffalo and Elk roam the snowy flats while cross-country skiers glide by.  You can hardly recognize the Yellowstone you see during the summer from the one presented in the winter.

Big Sky Ski resort is located a mere 50 miles away from West Yellowstone and offers some of the most extreme skiing in North America.  In the summer, a great golf course is open at Big Sky.

During the summer months, West Yellowstone is filled with visitors from around the globe.  Many are destined for the United States' first national park, Yellowstone.  West Yellowstone is uniquely located only 500 feet from the west entrance.

Yellowstone National Park offers some of the most unique geothermal activity in the world.  Old Faithful geyser is world renowned for the timeliness of its eruptions.  Old Faithful is only a 45 minute drive from West Yellowstone.   All of Yellowstone comes alive during the summer -  the animals -  the plants - and sometimes even the mountains themselves.

Not only is West Yellowstone a great place from which to stage your summer vacation, it is a great year round vacation destination.  West Yellowstone is filled with accommodations, restaurants, stores and entertainment to cater all of its visitor's needs.

Sky West serves West Yellowstone during the summer months at the airport.  During the winter, the West Yellowstone airport is closed. You can fly into Bozeman, Montana or Idaho Falls, Idaho each roughly 100 miles from West Yellowstone.  Car rental is available at the airport or within town.

Yellowstone National Park is not the only thing to see when in West Yellowstone.  You can relive the gold rush days in Virginia and Nevada City,  or explore how the earthquake of 1959 created Earthquake Lake.  Blue ribbon trout streams surround West Yellowston and there are, a number of fly fishing shops in town.

If you need more help planning your West Yellowstone vacation, we urge you to use your West Yellowstone Information Directory.   You will find all of the busineses that you need to plan the perfect vacation of your dreams, any time of the year.